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About the Author

About Sam Mbeki: Empowering Parents, Shaping Futures

Sam Mbeki isn’t just a parenting coach; he’s a mentor, pilot, writer, and visionary dedicated to guiding teens to success and empowering parents with understanding and connection. With 15 years of deep engagement with families, he’s become an invaluable ally in navigating the teenage years.

From Insight to Impact:
Sam’s journey to mentorship and coaching stemmed from his challenges as a teen who had missed two school terms and potentially a school dropout due to financial hurdles. A teacher’s life-changing mentorship ignited his passion for providing transformative guidance to others, leading to his impactful books ‘TeenSage’ and the accompanying ‘TeenSage Facilitator’s Manual’, in addition to ‘WINNING WITH YOUR TEEN.’

Visionary and Author:
Sam is committed to making parents the most influential figures in their teens’ lives. His books and extensive certifications such as life coaching, counseling, Habitudes facilitation from Growing Leaders, and Rites of Passage Experiences (ROPES®) from Tanari Trust, reflect his belief that ‘Empowered Parents Empower Teens.’ His professional expertise is deeply personal, aiming to turn family challenges into victories.

A Community Pillar:
Sam’s influence extends beyond his writing. He has led teen classes, organized camps, and spoken at numerous events, becoming a sought-after mentor and speaker. His approach combines hands-on experience with a passion for making a real difference.

An Invitation to a Journey:
Sam invites you to join a transformative journey with “WINNING WITH YOUR TEEN.” It’s about seeing your teen as a budding adult and building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. As you explore his book, Sam guides you towards a fulfilling, anxiety-free parenting experience, sharing a path to deeper connection and growth with your teen.

Engage the Author

Mbeki Moments: Engage & Inspire with Sam

Transformative Talks & Workshops 
Elevate your next event with Sam Mbeki, an expert in teen and parent dynamics, offering interactive workshops, motivational keynotes, and tailored seminars. With 15 years of experience, Sam blends insights from his diverse career with a deep understanding of family relationships to inspire and empower every audience.

Why Sam?
Sam’s proven experience, highlighted by his impactful TeenSage program and various keynote addresses, brings not just knowledge but a heartfelt commitment to understanding and transforming teen and parent dynamics. His sessions are rich with practical strategies and insights drawn from a unique professional background.

What to Expect:

  • Workshops: Interactive sessions providing practical parenting strategies and teen guidance.
  • Keynote Speeches: Motivational talks filled with rich experiences and key learnings.
  • Interactive Seminars: Customized sessions fostering open dialogue and active learning.

Tailored Topics for Teens and Parents:
Sam addresses critical issues for teens and parents alike. From identity and decision-making topics for teens to effective communication and legacy parenting topics for parents, Sam offers strategies for navigating teenage challenges and transitions.

Expertise with Empathy:
Sam is more than an expert; he’s a mentor and friend on your journey to better understanding and parenting. His sessions are transformative, combining expertise with a genuine desire to make a real difference.

Book Your Session:
Transform your next event with Sam Mbeki’s unique blend of insight and engagement. Join the many who have benefited from his wisdom and empower your community for the future.

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