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"Empowering Your Path to Parenting Success"

About the Book - "Winning with Your Teen"

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Winning With Your Teen

1 month 10 hours ago

in just 6 simple steps, you can have your own copy of WInning With Your Teen and begin your very fulfilling journey of connecting, influencing

“WINNING WITH YOUR TEEN: Empowering Your Path to Parenting Success” 
Facing the challenges of teen parenting? “WINNING WITH YOUR TEEN” by Sam Mbeki is your guide to transforming this journey. Drawing from 15 years of working with parents and teens and his diverse professional background as life coach, airline captain and a finance graduate, Sam provides a comprehensive, empathetic guide to not just endure but enrich the parent-teen relationship.

Discover the Essence of Modern Parenting: 
This book goes beyond conventional advice, offering a roadmap for harmonious engagement with your teen. It combines practical strategies with a vital perspective shift of treating teens as budding adults and paving the way for mutual growth and understanding.

What You Can Expect: 
Rooted in the belief that ‘Empowered Parents Empower Teens,’ expect transformative insights and strategies to enhance communication, understanding, and respect. You’re not just navigating teen challenges; you’re fostering a bond destined for shared success and resilience.

Who Should Read This Book? 
Ideal for parents of children aged 10 to 22, this book provides valuable insights to prepare for the teen years, understand ongoing teen behaviors, and retrospectively address challenges that might have been overlooked.

Your Invitation: 
Join Sam in redefining the teen parenting experience with “WINNING WITH YOUR TEEN.” Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to not just survive but thrive through the teenage years. Embrace the legacy of empowered parenting and start your transformative journey today.

About the Author

About Sam Mbeki: Empowering Parents, Shaping Futures 
Sam Mbeki isn’t just a parenting coach; he’s a mentor, pilot, writer, and visionary dedicated to guiding teens to success and empowering parents with understanding and connection. With 15 years of deep engagement with families, he’s become an invaluable ally in navigating the teenage years. 

From Insight to Impact:
Sam’s journey to mentorship and coaching stemmed from his challenges as a teen who had missed two school terms and potentially a school dropout due to financial hurdles. A teacher’s life-changing mentorship ignited his passion to provide transformative guidance to others, leading to his impactful books ‘TeenSage’ and the accompanying ‘TeenSage Facilitator’s Manual’, in addition to ‘WINNING WITH YOUR TEEN.’ 

Visionary and Author:
Sam is committed to making parents the most influential figures in their teens’ lives. His books and extensive certifications such as life coaching, counseling, Habitudes Facilitation from Growing Leaders,


Mbeki's masterpiece brings wisdom to the sensitive subject of raising teens. As a father, I find the insights and authentic advice in this book indispensable for growing my relationship with my boys, making me deliberate in applying this knowledge.

Julian Kyula

Serial Entrepreneur/ Senior Pastor - Ruach Assemblies

Winning with your Teen' is a guiding light for mentors and educators. Its conversational tone and step-by-step principles offer a sound guide for engaging with teenagers, making it a highly recommended read for those closely working with teens.

Joy Brenda Masinde

Chairperson Kenya Power

In 'Winning with Your Teen,' Samuel's aviation discipline shines through, offering focused and practical insights for parents. This book is a beacon for navigating the teen years, filled with wisdom and clarity for every parent.

Eric Mwangi

CEO Maridady Motors

Knowing Mbeki for over 15 years, his book reflects the valuable insights and practical guidance I've come to admire. It's an essential read for any parent facing the complexities of raising teenagers, blending personal experience with thorough research.

Capt. Irene Mutungi

Boeing 787 Captain Kenya Airways

This book is a liberating resource that delves into empowering teens to thrive. The tools within these pages are empowering for parents, leading to a proactive approach in their teen's lives and a distinguished parenting journey.

Rev George Macharia

Senior Pastor - City Lighters

Every parent navigating the teen years needs to read this book. It's a sigh of relief, shining light on our roles and providing strategies to enhance our perspective. Mbeki's guidance on disciplining and thriving with teens is essential for effective guardianship.

Rawdah Kidula

Media personality / Teen's mentor

Captain Mbeki's narrative on adolescence is both profound and touching, promising to leave a lasting impact with its authentic exploration of teenage life. 'Winning with Your Teen' is a triumph in storytelling, a must-read for parents navigating the complexities of adolescence.

Clifford Chianga

Principal - Regis Runda

Parenting teens is a journey filled with challenges and opportunities. In 'Winning With Your Teen,' Mbeki offers a treasure trove of practical strategies and wisdom that I, raising my third teen, find invaluable. His insights on navigating values, independence, and the village's support are crucial for anyone involved with teens.

Simon Mbevi

Director Trasform Nations / Author

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